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Help! I open the app and nothing happens!

If you don’t see anything, this may be a memory issue and rebooting your machine should resolve this.

If you do see the app, but it isn’t working properly…it’s most likely because you didn’t “allow” access on the first launch. You will need to reboot your machine and/or reinstall the app.


If the app is opening successfully and you see this blank screen. Check your OSX version. If you are on OSX before 10.9, you will need to update to at least OSX 10.9. This bug is caused on OSX 10.8 and below. We recommend always updating to the newest OSX for the most stability and improved performance. We are always updating our apps to be optimized to the latest OSX updates and features.



If you are still experiencing any similar issues, please send us a screenshot and instructions on how to reproduce it to and we will fix it ASAP. Thank you!