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Resetting Browser Preferences to Default

Still infected with Adware? Need not worry! You can always try resetting your browser preferences to default. Get that fresh start of when you first opened Safari. 🙂

Open preferences and navigate to “Adware Preferences”. We recommend removing all your browser extensions to make sure you remove all possible Adware. Remember, this will also clear your “Good” extensions that you oh-so-dearly love too. You’ll have to reinstall these.



Make sure “Reset Browsers Preferences to Default” is turned “on”.

Then go to “Custom Scan” and click “Adware Scan”.


This is very important! Don’t go to Quick/Deep scan. That’s for detecting your viruses, not adware.

Make sure your browsers are closed too, or it’ll remind you to close them.


It’ll then scan you machine for all known Adware, clear your browser extensions, and reset your browser preferences to default.



Safari should be as good as new! Make sure it looks like this when you open Safari. Don’t worry, your saved passwords haven’t been reset. You still have them. 🙂


Congratulations, you should now know how to remove all adware and restore your browser back to default. Protect your Mac and your sensitive information by scanning at least once a week.

See tips on “How to PREVENT adware” to protect yourself.

If you are still having adware issues, this article may help.

For any additional questions, please email us at

Hope you found this helpful! Let us know below, so we can improve our support. 🙂