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User Guide – iOS – Klipboard

Welcome to Klipboard! Your intelligent clipboard manager. Klipboard helps manage all of your copied clippings for easy access. It will help you stay organized and improve your productivity.



The “+” buttons will allow you to copy your clipping onto your clipboard. You will be able to paste this wherever you want.

Swipe left to delete a clipping.


You will also notice 5 options in the menu bar below.

  1. iCloud – This will sync your clippings on to iCloud and all the devices connected to your iCloud account with Klipboard installed (e.g. your Mac, iPod, iPad, other iPhones)
  2. Plain Text – This will switch to plain text mode and won’t copy fonts face, type, size, etc.
  3. Pause – This will pause saving to your Klipboard. When you don’t want to save certain items to your Klipboard.
  4. Edit – You can edit any of your clippings.
  5. Search – This is useful when you have hundreds of clippings to search through.




Clicking “Edit” will allow you to edit any of your clippings. You can also select multiple clippings to move to a list for organization or even merge them into one single clipping.




The pulldown menu at the top right will show you the different default lists available. By default, we organize your current clippings into websites and images. Navigate back to the “Klipboard” root list to view all of your clippings together. You can “Create New List” to stay organized and create custom lists for specific related clippings.




How to add and use your Klipboard keyboard


Go to your iOS settings -> General ->Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard… -> Klipboard


This will add your Klipboard keyboard to your current selectable keyboards.


IMG_3521 IMG_3523


You will now be able to easily access your Klipboard from your keyboard and insert any of your clippings.


Hope you found this helpful! Let us know below, so we can improve our support. 🙂