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Still having Adware Problems after Running Adware Cleaner

If you are still experiencing problems after running Adware Cleaner, make sure you’ve done the following.

  1. Scanned your Mac using the option of removing adware from your Mac.
  2. Scanned your Mac using the advanced options of clearing your browser extensions and restoring your browser preferences back to default.
  3. Restarted your computer. This is necessary.

If you’ve done all of the above and are still experiencing problems, there are a few things you can try next.

Are you getting Mac OSX notification ads?

If you’re seeing the notification popup on the top right corner of your screen with no web browsers open, then you might have allowed and given permissions to a specific website to send you notification.


To disable these, open up Safari and go to “Preferences” from the top left pull-down menu and click “Notifications”.


You can “Deny” all the websites that are sending bothersome alerts. You can also “Remove All” to disable all them in bulk.

On the bottom left, you can uncheck “Allow websites to ask for permission to send push notifications” to stop Safari from asking you about push notifications completely. Safari will ignore all push notification requests from websites. (this is only available in Safari 7.0.3 and above)

Is the problem on a specific website?

If the problem is happening on specific websites only, it most likely isn’t adware since you’ve already cleared your browser extensions. Your browser extensions is where adware will like to hide. We recommend installing an adware blocker browser extension.

Are you getting fake scam pop-ups about a virus?

If you’re getting pop-up scams about having a virus or threats/warnings, these are not caused by adware. They are scam websites. Ignore these and do not call the number or install any software.


Send us your adware problems

If you’ve done all of the above and you’re still getting adware problems, it could be new adware that hasn’t been discovered yet and is clever enough to avoid the standard browser extension. Choose the contact button inside our app to email us a screenshot and steps to reproduce the adware issue.

Make sure you have adware

Check to make sure you are infected with adware and not a malware virus. Make sure you’ve followed all of the above steps to also confirm that it definitely IS adware and not anything else.

If you are experiencing malware virus problems, you can use our BitMedic Antivirus app to protect yourself.