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User Guide – BitMedic AntiVirus

Welcome to BitMedic, the #1 AntiVirus App on the Mac App Store (now with Adware Protection!)

We take pride in bringing you the best protection for your Mac. We are the only AntiVirus app that gives you 24/7 realtime protection with the most up to date virus protection.
For a quick user guide, navigate to Help -> BitMedic Help within the app.


Testing Your App

To test to see if your app is correctly scanning for viruses, download the virus test file. You can find the blue “Anti-Virus Test File” on the bottom of Custom Scan.


This will link you to download the EICAR (European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research) test file. This file is harmless and is used for testing purposes only.

Learn more here –
Direct download link –

You can test any Antivirus app and all the features of BitMedic with this file.

For a quick test, simply Drag & Drop this file into the center “Drop Here” under custom scan.


To test Health Monitor, make sure it is turned “On”. If the file is downloaded to your “downloads” folder on your Mac, Health Monitor should detect this automatically and you will see an alert.


Our 3 step protection ensures the best security

Choose “Quick Scan” to quickly scan your Mac for any potential threats.


If you have more time, choose “Deep Scan“. This will take a long time (up to 2 hours for 1TB drives), so make sure you have the time to leave your computer on while BitMedic is scanning. BitMedic will scan every nook and cranny for any potential threats. We recommend “Quick Scan“, since this will scan your critical locations only to make sure you are safe.


You can also use the Drag & Drop feature for quick scanning specific locations

Simply drag & drop any folder, drive, or file here.


You also have the option to simply right click the file and select “Scan with BitMedic” from the dropdown menu.


For 24/7 live protection, use BitMedic’s Real Time Health Monitor

Health Monitor watches selected locations 24/7 for any changes. It will automatically detect any harmful changes and any viruses. Remember, this applies to changes only. We recommend scanning the folder first to ensure that it is 100% virus-free and then monitoring it after.


“Select locations” will show you a live-feed of Health Monitor. This live-feed shows everything BitMedic is doing. You can always access the Activity Log from the Health Monitor view. In the example below, you’ll see the activity of Health Monitor automatically detecting the Eicar-Test virus as soon as it’s downloaded into the “Downloads” folder.

On the bottom left, Custom Locations is turned “On” and /Users/Username/Downloads is added and is being monitored 24/7. The instant the test virus is downloaded, it is flagged by BitMedic and quarantined for your safety.


File System Shield, Mail Shield, and Web Shield are all very useful locations for you to let Health Monitor protect you 24/7. You can add your own custom locations. The “downloads” folder is a favorite we like to add.

You can drag & drop any locations to “Custom Locations” or manually press “+” to choose your folders.

If BitMedic does detect a virus, it will automatically quarantine the file for your safety.


“View Results” will show you the location of the originating virus.


If it says, “Threat Quarantined”, you can click “View in Quarantine” to view the details of the virus. You can set a custom location for your quarantine. If it says “Threat Removed”, it means it was automatically deleted for your safety.


In our latest update, we have added our 3 step adware security for your protection

Step 1 – You’ll see the new “Adware Scan” feature in the center, under “Custom Scan”.


Click “Adware Scan” to scan your Mac for harmful adware and remove them.

Step 2 – If you are still experience adware symptoms, then go to preferences by clicking the bottom right icon or navigating in your pull-down menu to BitMedic -> Preferences


Go to the Adware Preferences on the very right for advanced settings.


Remove your browser extensions for the browser that is causing adware issues. Remember that this will remove ALL of your browser extensions, so you’ll have to re-install the extensions that you like. It is common for adware to hide under browser extensions, so this is important to clean.

Step 3 – Adware sometimes will also alter your browser settings. “Reset Browsers Preferences to Default” to restore your browser preferences back to default like brand new.

Congratulations, you should now know how to remove malware and adware. Protect your Mac and your sensitive information by scanning at least once a week.

See tips on “How to PREVENT adware” to protect yourself.

For any additional questions, please email us at

Hope you found this helpful! Let us know below, so we can improve our support. 🙂